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We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights while pursuing creative and positive solutions to difficult legal disputes.  As an experienced family law attorney, Sean understands that resolving disputes proactively and amicably, whenever possible, is beneficial to the long-term interests his of clients and their families.

Rather than unnecessarily inflaming already tense matters, Sean works to find solutions.  Utilizing negotiation, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) measures, he has helped many clients protect their financial and parental rights while avoiding the time, stress and cost of protracted litigation.

Meet Sean Costis

Sean is committed to helping families in crisis and healing.  Sean focuses only on issues of family law, including divorce, avoiding court in favor of finding solutions, family building and asset preservation.  All clients are encouraged to play an active role in resolving their legal problems.   Face it:  No one knows the problems better than the clients and Sean carefully listens to each client. “My mission is to use my experience, skill, common sense, ethics and diligent efforts in a team approach with each client, driven towards solving your legal problems.”

More often than not, litigation is not the answer.  Some litigants believe that being involved in a family dispute translates to being “at war.”  Sean has a deep understanding of the issues associated with children, family issues and divorce, which is why Sean strives to resolve cases by employing alternatives to the litigation process.

It is undisputed that families fare much better after divorce by resolving their issues without enduring a high conflict drawn-out trial.  Most important, children fare better in life and are generally more successful with parents who effectively co-parent after divorce.  Sean is an experienced attorney who can competently take your case to trial when necessary. However, he will first work to settle the case amicably through mediation and negotiations.

February 2, 2019

Sean is extremely competent and assertive in his family law dealings. My divorce is speedy by current standards and I highly recommend his services in this arena. Thank you Sean

- Carmen


Sean will work with you and support you as you deal with the many emotions that most people face during a time of family transition, especially when that transition involves children.  Sean will also assist by making sensible referrals for counseling and therapy for the client and any other family member in need.

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